01. I always turn the sound off on the television when the [commercials] come on.
02. Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in a television [commercial] for some kind of soup in Japan.
03. She studied [commerce] in school, and is now working in an investment firm.
04. I think that the Apple Computer was one of the first [commercially] available machines that really popularized the home computer.
05. His newest album has been described as very light and very [commercial] by rock critics.
06. Environmentalists are concerned that the [commercial] exploitation of the forest will result in its total destruction.
07. When I was young, I appeared in a television [commercial] for potato chips.
08. The running time of the average American television sitcom, with its [commercials] removed, is 22 minutes.
09. Elvis Presley made only one television [commercial], an ad for donuts, that ran in 1954.
10. The government is running a series of [commercials] showing the effects of cancer on the human body, in order to discourage smoking among teens.
11. The artwork of Andy Warhol frequently emphasizes his taste for [commercial] images.
12. Beirut has remained an important [commercial] center since over 1,000 years before Christ.
13. The country of North Korea is almost completely unexploited by [commercial] tourism.
14. The first commercial bank in the United States opened in 1782.
15. During the Middle Ages, the city of York became the [commercial] capital of the north of England.
16. I don't believe their scheme is really [commercially] viable.
17. According to a recent survey, nine out of 10 Americans feel their holidays have become too [commercialized].
18. The citizenry of fifteenth century Europe was able to accumulate wealth through [commerce], banking and crafts.
19. Due to its wide [commercial] interests, Venice during the Renaissance was known for its peculiarly cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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